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You can find Elf cats cheaper.  I will
not deny that.  Many, many people
have called me stating that they were
able to find an Elf as low as $800, with
a breeder willing to let it go home as
early as 8 weeks.

These people call me in distress, as the
mounting vet bills had cost them
much more than my adoption fees.  
They watched as their kittens suffered
with life long, or worse, terminal
diseases.  Breeders who mass produce
kittens and bargain discount the
adoption fees are breeding the wrong
reasons, do not properly scan,
immunize, socially nurture the babies.  
As a result, these kittens with
under-developed immune systems go
home to families that face mounting
vet bills and lots of heartache.

I've seen the same excuses time and
time again.  A breeder will bargain
price babies saying, "I'm getting out
of breeding.  This is my last litter."  Or,
"I don't ship so I only sell locally and
charge less."

My first concern is to raise healthy
cats whom are well socialized, raised
in my hands, sleep next to me at
night, are carefully scanned with
proper preventative health care.  
Proper vet care doesn't come free, and
the expenses are passed down to the
adoptive family.  As the old adage
goes, "You get what you pay for."  
Unfortunately, this impacts lives, and
can be heartbreaking at the same time.

I do not let my kittens go home early,
as they need time to mature their
immune systems.  I have a program
that helps the new family bond with
their baby before it heads home, even
if they're long distance!

I stand behind my cats.  You're not
adopting a pet, you're adopting a new
family member.  Adoption is just the
first step, as I offer continued care
and advice.  I welcome questions,
pictures, stories and concerns.   I have
many references and encourage you
to check references on whomever you
choose to adopt from.  Make sure the
breeder is in good standing with TICA
(TICA.org) and demand that you see
the parents.  Each cat or kitten on this
website was hand-delivered during
birth, and no matter how old or where
they go, they'll always have a piece of
my heart and will be my baby.


As with many new breeds, the risk
of inbreeding not only can happen,
but some breeder partake of this
practice (called In-line breeding).  At
Vanyar and our
associated breeders, we do not
inbreed under any circumstances.  

To keep the lines healthy, strong and
true to the original vision, we diversify
our lines using appropriate
The Elf Cat!
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Elf Cats are the deliberate hybrid of the Sphynx and American Curl. The desired results
being a hairless, slightly curled ear cat. Athletic in appearance, gentle but lively,
out-going and very affectionate.  The resulting hybrid has the best of both breeds!

Elf Cats are intelligent, friendly cats that are agile and have personality plus.  They
respond well to being handled as they are very interactive, social cats.
We have babies!
We have sphynx, bambino, elf & dwelf.
Our house is filled with the
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