Here's some information that may be helpful in deciding if an Elf or Sphynx is right for you,
and how to care for this new family member.

How do they stay warm?

Hairless cats are smart enough to find a warm person, dog or cat to curl up with. I prefer keeping a snuggly blanket
available for them to curl up in when they're cold.  A general rule of thumb is to consider your comfort level. If you
were bundled up in a blanket, a Sphynx or Elf would probably appreciate the same treatment.  Your kitten can
easily become accustomed to a sweater or jacket which will help them retain heat.   You can also find heated pet
beds, which most Sphynx and Elves love.

I have allergies. Will I be able to live with a Sphynx or Elf?

Although many people with allergies are able to tolerate a hairless cat and live with them with little to no reaction
at all, some still react to them just as they would as a coated cat. It really depends on the individual and the severity
of their allergies, what they are actually allergic to, and how far they are willing to go to be able to live with a cat. I
welcome  you to come out and do a test visit to see if your allergies act up before you adopt one.

Why do hairless cats need a bath?

Sphynx must be bathed regularly because they do not have hair to absorb the natural oils in their skin. Kittens are
started very young on bathing and hopefully have developed a tolerance, or even love, of water.

How do you bathe a Sphynx or Elf?

There are many ways to bath a hairless cat, from wiping them down with a damp washcloth to soaping them up in
the bathtub. If bathing in the tub, keep one hand on the cat at all times, this helps steady him or her and will also
provide reassurance. With the free had pour water over the cats back. Lather the cat and pay close attention to the
underarm areas and between the toes.  I prefer using a tear-free moisturizing baby shampoo.  When you feel you
thoroughly cleaned the cat’s body, rinse in slightly warm water then wrap it in a warm towel.   A perfect time to
clean the ears and clip the nails is while they are still wrapped in the towel. These keeps them calm and gives them
time to thoroughly dry so they don’t catch a chill. You will also want to clean the waxy buildup of the claw sheaths.
Baby wipes works great for this process.

How should I feed my cat?

When it comes to feeding your cat, you have to do what you and your vet feel best suits your cat.  There is big
controversy on the internet regarding raw diet versus dry diet.  Personally, I have not had great success with a raw
diet.  I have had a cat contract salmonella from a raw diet.  Thus I choose to feed my cats Royal Canin Kitten, and
occasionally (in the mornings) a moist pate' canned food.  (What I like to call "Junk Food", it's not necessary but
they sure do love it!)   

When it comes to my Sphynx and Elf cats, there are no dumb questions.  These cats become part of your family and
the relationship is intimate and heart-felt.  I encourage all questions and concerns and want the adoption process
to be a pleasant one.
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