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A bit of interesting history.

There is a new meow in town …and it goes by the name Elf cat. The excitement over this new look of the Sphynx is
international; as two of the most personable, distinct species of cat are married together creating a cat that is different
from each contributing foundation breed.  When combined, there is no harm to the health or well-being of the
resulting Elf cat.  We believe that widening the genetic gene pool for the Sphynx will benefit the breed as well. We
have personally worked with the curl ear gene for many years before coming into the Sphynx and Elf breeds. We know
by history how strong these American Curl lines are and hope that their sound structure and genetics will strengthen
the Elf cats. Genetic diversity helps the breeders to insure structurally sound and healthy cats. We take great pride in
being a part of the foundation building for the Elf Cat.

Contributing foundation breeds include the Sphynx, known for its unique hairlessness and personality, and the
American Curl, known for its signature curled ears. A strong foundation has been built utilizing many bloodlines from
loving and committed Sphynx Special Trait Elf breeders.

The Elf cats most distinctive features are it’s hairlessness and curled ears.  They are extremely intelligent, have a
sturdy, athletic build, and are as loving and cuddly as lap dogs.  Sociable and highly inquisitive, they love to be the
center of attention.  

Cat enthusiasts throughout the world are lining up, awaiting the arrival and availability of these incredible Elf cats.  
Currently being registered as Sphynx New Trait with The International Cat Association (TICA), Elf cats are quickly
catching the eyes of the Cat Fancy.
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