Vanyar Elf cats blossomed from the home of Free Range Sphynx.  As a cat-enthusiast for over 30 years,
and breeder for a good portion of that time, experience and lots of love fine tuned
my passion for raising unique cats.  

Upon personally encountering kitten mills and animal neglect, I felt compelled to raise animals differently.  
It was seeing the cats at the kittens mills that fired my determination to breed cats responsibility,
perpetuating only the strongest, healthiest cats available.  I breed for the love of the species, not the profit
in hand.

All my cats are raised in a loving environment with all the activity that a spouse and children bring.
I welcome anyone that shares the same passion as I to join in on this exciting time...
as the Elf cat makes it journey back to mankind.
Vanyar Elf Cats
Welcome to the world of Elf Cats
Raising incredible
Elf Cats
in sunny Arizona.
Vanyar Elf Cats
About Us
Regardless of who you adopt from, consider these issues:

  • Buy from a breeder who offers care and feeding advice and open
    communication. A breeder who will always be available to answer
    any concerns is someone you can trust.
  • Adopt from a non-smoker.  The health of your cat and the quality of
    their life can depend on it!
  • Buy from a breeder who can offer references from other breeders,
    their veterinarian and previous kitten buyers.
  • Buy from a breeder who will take back a kitten at any time, for any
    reason if, for unforeseen reasons, you are unable to care for it any
  • Buy from a breeder who is more concerned about the happiness of
    the kitten in its new home than making a sale.
  • Buy from someone with high standards and who cares to place
    kittens in the best possible home and asks a lot of questions.
  • Buy from a breeder who has a contract regarding the care of the
    kitten and a health guarantee to replace the kitten if it dies within
    the first year of a congenital or genetic disorder.
  • Buy from a breeder who guarantees that their cattery is free of
    infectious diseases, ringworm, fleas, earmites and all kittens have
    been dewormed.
  • Buy from a breeder who guarantees the temperament of their
    kittens. If the parents of your kitten are selected for health and
    personality, then your kitten will be confident, loving, and sweet.
  • Buy from a breeder who won't let a kitten leave unless it's in perfect
    health, and at minimum has had its first set of shots.
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