The Elf Cat

The Elf can now be shown under New Traits in the
Sphynx Breed Group.

The Elf is currently being developed using foundation cats from Sphynx and American Curl breeds. Each
of these two breeds have a single trait that makes them distinct from all other breeds.

The Elf combines these traits to create a unique breed of cat that is different from each of the contributing
foundation breeds.   These two traits are independent of each other and when combined pose no harm to
the health and well being of the new breed Elf.

Shape:  The head is slightly longer than it is wide with prominent cheek bones and a distinctive whisker
break with prominent whisker pads. The skull is slightly rounded with a flat plane in front of the ears.

Eyes:  Shaped as a walnut, oval on top and round on the bottom.
Placement should be at a slight angle between base of ear and tip of nose . Wide set with a minimum of
one eye width apart. Color should be clear and brilliant with no relation to cat color, except that blue eyes
are required on all pointed cats.

Torso:  Medium in length, hard and muscular with broad rounded chest and full abdomen as if just
finished a meal.

Legs:  Medium in proportion to the body. Sturdy well muscled with rear legs being slightly longer then the
front. Front legs widely set. Females may have slightly finer boning.

Feet:   Medium in size, oval shape with long slender toes. The paw pads are thick giving the appearance of
walking on cushions.

Tail:  Slender, flexible and long while maintaining proportion to body length. Whip-like, tapering to a fine

Musculature and Boning: Hard and muscular, not delicate. Medium boning.

Length:  Appears hairless. Short fine hair may be present on feet, ears, nose, tail and scrotum. The
remainder of the body can range from
completely hairless to a covering of down-like fur whose length doesn't interfere with the appearance of
hairlessness. Whiskers if present are sparse and very short.     

Texture:  Can be chamois-like to smooth skin. A feeling of resistance may be felt when stroking the skin of
some cats. The skin is very wrinkled in kittens. Adults should retain as many wrinkles as possible,
especially on the head.

Color and Pattern:  Any color or pattern genetically possible.

General Description:
The Elf is a medium to large size cat with sturdy boning and good muscle development and should have a
bit of a belly as if they just finished a meal. Whiskers and eyebrows may be present but sparse. Males can
be up to 25 percent larger so long as proper proportions are maintained. The most distinctive features of
this cat is it's appearance of curled ears and hairlessness, although it is not truly hairless. The skin may
be covered with a fine down which is almost imperceptible to both eye and touch. The Elf by nature is very
people-oriented and affectionate. They are extremely inquisitive and love to be the center of attention. They
are active and alert with gentle and even dispositions.

Hair:  Other than described Delicate or frail appearance. Should not resemble the Oriental body type. Lack
of wrinkles on the head.

Ears:  Abrupt change of direction without smooth curve, pinch, horizontal/vertical crimp, interior surface
which appears corrugated. Non-amenable disposition.


Disqualify (DQ):
Any evidence of debilitating, plucking, shaving or clipping or any other means of hair removal. Inability to
handle. Kinked or abnormal tail. Extreme curl in adult where tip of ear touches back of ear or head. Ears
that are straight, severely mismatched, thick or having inflexible tips. Lack of firm cartilage in base of ear.
Ears in which the lower portion of the ear is abnormally flattened, has compressed ridges of cartilage and
does not have a normal, visible ear cavity. Inability to handle.    

Elf Standard,  02/22/2008   
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